How Much Turf Do I Need? Use Our Turf Calculator to Work it Out

How to Use This Turf Calculator

Using this calculator is dead-easy.

It’ll prevent you from over-ordering (and save you money). Or under-ordering (and save you a massive arse ache).

  1. Choose your lawn shape, either from a square/rectangle, a circle or a triangle.
  2. Enter the dimensions.
  3. You can also choose to add 5% for shaping and/or wastage which I recommended. The last thing you need to be a few rolls short.
  4. It’ll then tell you how many square meters your lawn is and how many rolls of turf you need.

That said, if your lawn isn’t a fixed shape then a turf calculator is pretty useless, sozzard! You’ll need to measure your lawn manually instead.

Once you know how much turf you need, make sure you buy the best turf for your new lawn. Then you can learn how to turf a lawn.

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