Lawn Maintenance & Treatments:
EVERYTHING You Need to Know

If you want a lawn that’ll make your neighbours jealous, you need to commit to regular lawn maintenance.

In this section, I’ve listed all the lawn treatments which go into the annual lawn care calendar. I’ve broken each treatment down and explained why they’re important, when to do them and how to do them.

I’ve tried to organise everything into a logical order so it’s easy to follow. I’m nice like that 🙂

Mowing the Lawn

Cutting the grass is the single most important part lawn treatment. In fact, there’s much more to mowing than many people think.

Mow at the right frequency, at the right height, in the right conditions, your lawn will be thick, lush and healthy. You’ll spend less money of lawn feeds and weed killers and less time on dealing with other issues.

Get it wrong, and your lawn will be sparse, weak and open to moss and weed invasions as well as the onset of disease. Maintaining your lawn will feel like an uphill battle.

Feeding Your Lawn

Description goes here

Scarifying Your Lawn

Description goes here

Aerating Your Lawn

If you’ve chosen to sow a new lawn from seed, you’ll find everything you need here. Again, it’s really not that difficult.

I’ll help you choose the right seed for your lawn and work out how much you need. You’ll also learn when and how to sow a new lawn and how to care for it as it grows.

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