How Often Should You Cut Your Grass? (And Why it’s Important)

by Daniel Hunter

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Daniel, how often should I mow my lawn?”

The short answer is ‘little and often’ but that doesn’t tell the whole story. In reality, your mowing frequency will change throughout the year. So I’m going to explain what impacts how much you should mow. I’ll also tell you why regular mowing is important for the health of your lawn.

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

The table below shows how many times you can expect to mow a regular, family lawn, month-by-month;

MonthHow Many Cuts

For ornamental lawns, it’ll be even more.

Two Factors That Affect Mowing Frequency

There are two factors which impact how much you mow;

  1. The time of year
  2. How short or high you like to mow

While keeping in mind that you shouldn’t ever cut more than a third off the grass’ current height.

The Time of Year

Spring and autumn provide ideal conditions for grass to grow and so growth speeds up. More growth means more mowing.

During the summer, temperatures rise and rainfall becomes less frquent so growth slows. Slower growth means less mowing.

In the winter, growth almost grinds to a halt but you might see some, depending on the weather.

How Short or High You Like the Grass

The shorter you like your grass to be, the more often you’ll have to cut it.

Remember you never want to remove more than a third off the grass’ height.

So if you have a family lawn which you like to mow at 60mm high, you could let it grow to 90mm before mowing. Cutting a third off 90mm will bring the height back down to 60mm. In this case you might be able to wait a week before cuts.

If you have a bowling green for a lawn and you like the grass to be a tiny 10mm high, you’ll need to cut it as it reaches 13mm. This might mean having to mow every other day as it’ll take not time at all to grow that 3mm.

5 Reasons Why You Should Mow Often

So you know how much you can expect to mow your lawn each month and the factors which affect mowing frequency.

Now let me tell you why regular mowing is so important.

There are 5 reasons;

It Keeps Your Lawn Looking Nice

Most lawns contain several different species of grass, all growing at different speeds.

Ryegrasses grows faster than fescues which grow faster than best grasses. That’s why your lawn never grows at a consistent length and as a result, looks untidy.

When you cut the grass often, you keep your lawn at a nice, uniformed height all the time. You don’t give it chance to become untidy.

You’ll Never Cut the Grass Too Short

You should never remove more than a third of your grass’ current height. Doing so will weaken it. Yet the biggest mistake lawn owners make when mowing is cutting the grass too short.

When you mow often, you only remove a small part of the leaf each time and so the grass can cope without any problems.

It’s also easier to mulch grass glippings back into the turf which benefits your lawn in other ways.

Your Lawn Will Be Thicker and More Lush

The best looking lawns are thick and dense with grass. You can only do this with regular mowing.

Mowing the tips of a grass plant is like pruning any otherplant. It causes the plant to release a hormone which stimulates more growth to repair itself.

As a result, each grass plant in your lawn grows more roots, shoots and leaves. Over time, the will create a thicker, more dense sward.

You’ll Have Fewer Weeds and Less Moss

Because regular mowing stimulates growth and creates a thicker lawn. You’ll have fewer problems with weeds and moss.

All that grass creates a barrier to the soil which is difficult for weed seeds and moss to get through. Even if they do, the grass will out compete them for nutrients anyway. And the regular mowing kill likely kill them off.

You’ll Save Money, Time and Frustration

When your lawn isn’t riddled with weeds and moss, you won’t have to deal with them.

You’ll save your time from having to fight with them and repairing your lawn. Which, less face it, it a pain in the ass.

And you’ll not have to spend money on weed and moss killers. You’ll have more money to spend on beer, wine and good times.

To Sum it All Up

There are two things which dictate often you mow;

  1. How quick the grass is growing, and
  2. How long or short you like your lawn to be

For a shorter, more formal finish, you’ll need to mow on a more regular basis. This could mean every 2-3 days.

If that sounds like too much work, let the grass grow longer and mow once a week instead.

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